Oragenics, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman and Dr. Robert Zahradnik on the concept of Replacement Therapy. Replacement Therapy uses the idea of replacing harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria to cause a therapeutic or health-enhancing effect in the oral cavity. The company was founded on the replacement therapy we call SMaRT (S.Mutans Replacement Therapy). This SMaRT utilizes a genetically engineered strain of Streptococcus mutans that could help prevent cavities by replacing the body’s natural caries-causing strains of S. mutans. This new strain preferentially colonizes on the surface of teeth and the applied should prevent tooth decay. 

From SMarT therapy evolved the ProBiora3 and MU 1140 lantibiotic therapies. ProBiora3 utilizes a patented blend of three strains of bacteria normally found in a healthy individual’s mouth to overwhelm harmful bacteria in the oral cavity and prevent them from causing harm. MU 1140 is an exciting new antibiotic in a class called lantibiotics. It was discovered while trying to understand the mechanism of action for SMaRT therapy.