ECC - Lantibiotics

Developing Lantibiotics with Precigen’s Advanced Platforms

On June 5, 2012, we entered into an ECC with Precigen that governs a “channel partnering” arrangement in which we will use Precigen’s advanced transgene and cell engineering platforms for the development and production of lantibiotics, a class of peptide antibiotics that are naturally produced in Gram-positive bacteria and contain the characteristic polycyclic thioether amino acids lanthionine and methyllanthonine.

Exclusive worldwide license to patents and other intellectual property

The ECC grants us an exclusive worldwide license to use patents and other intellectual property of Precigen in connection with the research, development, use, importing, exporting, manufacture, sale and offer for sale of drug products involving the direct administration to humans or companion animals of a lantibiotic for the prevention or treatment of infectious disease (our products). This license is exclusive with respect to any clinical development, selling, offering for sale or other commercialization of our products, and otherwise is non-exclusive. Subject to limited exceptions, we may not sublicense the rights described without Precigen's written consent.

Division of responsibilities

Under the ECC, and subject to certain exceptions, we are responsible for, among other things, funding the further anticipated development of lantibiotics toward the goal of commercialization, conducting preclinical and clinical development of candidate lantibiotics, as well as for other aspects of manufacturing and the commercialization of the product(s). Among other things, Precigen is responsible for technology discovery efforts, cell-engineering development, certain aspects of the manufacturing process, and costs of filing, prosecution and maintenance of Precigen’s patents.