ECC - Oral Mucositis

Intervening on Oral Mucositis with Precigen’s Technology

On June 10, 2015, we entered into a new exclusive channel collaboration with Precigen to pursue development of biotherapeutics for oral mucositis (OM) and other diseases and conditions of the oral cavity, throat and esophagus, including clinical advancement of the ActoBiotic™ AG013 for the treatment of OM. OM results in the painful inflammation and ulceration of the membranes lining the oral cavity, throat and esophagus, and is among the most frequently reported adverse events associated with cancer therapy affecting up to 500,000 patients annually. At present there is no drug approved to prevent the condition broadly and therapies are primarily palliative, alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying pathology, resulting in a significant unmet medical need. 

Access to Precigen's technologies and expertise

Under the terms of the agreement, we will have access to Precigen's technologies and expertise to develop products for the treatment of oral mucositis or products containing genetically modified Lactococcus lactis expressing trefoil factors in the oral cavity, throat and esophagus for a technology access fee and will reimburse Precigen for the research and development costs.