Genetically Modified Bacteria to Treat Oral Indications

Our strategy is to develop safe genetically engineered bacterial strains designed to produce, deliver and release therapeutics locally at oral disease sites to prevent or cure diseases.

We believe in the potential of specifically targeting several diseases with bacteria engineered to deliver therapeutic agents directly to the target with high specificity and safety.


We have entered into a worldwide Exclusive Channel Collaboration Agreement with Precigen and Precigen Actobiotics NV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Precigen, pursuant to which we obtained certain exclusive rights to AG013. We intend to develop AG013 as a potential treatment of oral mucositis, or OM.

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Our SMaRT Replacement Therapy is based on the creation of a genetically modified strain of bacteria that colonizes in the oral cavity and replaces native bacteria that cause tooth decay. Our SMaRT Replacement Therapy product candidate is designed to be a painless, one-time, five-minute topical treatment applied to the teeth that has the potential to offer lifelong protection against dental caries, or tooth decay.

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