Dose-Dependent Weight Loss

In the course of our SMaRT Replacement Therapy research, our scientific team also discovered that consumption of a significant amount of LPT3-04, a naturally occurring compound, which is normally consumed in the human diet in small amounts, resulted in dose-dependent weight loss in experimental animal models. 

Licensing agreement with LPThera

In December 2013 we entered into an exclusive licensing arrangement of our LPT3-04 weight-loss product candidate for further development to LPThera LLC (“LPThera”). LPThera is a newly formed entity that will need to raise capital to further pursue the opportunity presented by our LPT3-04 product candidate. LPThera was formed by one of our current and existing consultants. The exclusive license agreement we granted to LPThera provides LPThera the exclusive worldwide royalty bearing license to develop, make or have made, use, sell, offer for sale, market and promote the LPT3-04 for use under our technology. LPThera may sublicense the rights described without our written consent, but shall provide notice to us of any sublicense granted.