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Oragenics, Inc. Announces Notification of Noncompliance with NYSE MKT Continued Listing Standards

Innovative Biopharmaceuticals from Oral Science

At Oragenics, we are focused on becoming the world leader in novel antibiotics targeted against some of the most prevalent and urgently needed infectious diseases. We also develop, market and sell proprietary OTC probiotics specifically designed to enhance oral health for humans and pets.

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Exclusive Collaboration with Intrexon

Our exclusive channel collaboration arrangement with Intrexon contemplates the use of Intrexon’s advanced transgene and cell engineering platforms for the development and production of revolutionary lantibiotics and live biotherapeutic products (LBP).

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Fighting Global Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance

Oragenics, in collaboration with Intrexon, is in the process of developing lantibiotics, a novel class of antibiotics that are known to be active against several life-threatening infectious agents, toward the goal of commercialization for the treatment of infectious diseases in humans.

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Adjunctive Therapy for Oral Mucositis

Oragenics, in collaboration with Intrexon, is also in the process of developing live biotherapeutic products (LBP) to treat oral mucositis (OM) and other diseases and conditions of the oral cavity, throat, and esophagus.

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Probiotics for Comprehensive Oral Health

Oral probiotics are live bacteria that are similar (or identical) to the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in the oral cavity. ProBiora3® is a proprietary blend of these beneficial bacteria that were developed by Oragenics to promote overall oral health.

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OG253 for C. difficile Infection

OG253 is a molecule derived from our lantibiotic discovery and characterization platform that has shown positive results in nonclinical testing including an animal model for Clostridium difficile infection in enteritis.

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AG013 for Oral Mucositis

AG013 represents a promising product from a truly innovative platform for the prevention of oral mucositis in cancer patients.

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ProBiora3 for Oral Health

ProBiora3, a proprietary blend of three naturally occurring strains of beneficial bacteria, promotes fresher breath, whiter teeth and supports overall oral health.

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